Sunday, 19 February 2017

A Fantastic Male Sparrowhawk!

Hello all,
This week saw some great birds in the garden, with long-tailed tits, chaffinches and the usual suspects in high numbers too. There was a more special visitor too, though...

A fantastic male Sparrowhawk flew across the garden, landed on a piece of decking before coming back to perch in the tree. That branch, however, is less brilliant!

 Once again, there have been Short-eared owls at Uphill, with three being seen throughout the week. They are large birds, with a wingspan of around a metre, which makes them Britain's largest common owl species. They favour areas of coastal scrub and are diurnal, but show best shortly before dusk. There are certainly better pictures elsewhere on the internet, but below are some of my efforts, one of which was digiscoped from about 100m!                      

This bottom one clearly isn't a short eared owl; it's Ed and me making an appearance on Winterwatch after they got in touch with us to enquire about the results for our coloured bird feeder experiment! Apparently, Chris loved the project! Our cameo can be seen on IPlayer, episode 4 at 42:00 mins in!

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