Monday, 24 October 2016

Weekly sightings: Sunday 16th October-Monday 24th

Hello all,

Sightings for Worlebury gardens
  • 11 Jay sightings in this time period; is it just the same one going back and forth?
  • 2 Male Sparrowhawk and 1 female Sparrowhawk, both in flight, both being harassed by corvids.
  • Probable common Pipistrelle sighting, or another small bat species.
  • Probable Noctule before this week, or larger bat species.
  • 1 male BLACKCAP in the garden. These are technically summer visitors to Britain, but many are overwintering, and it is only October.
  • Plenty of gulls and corvids.
  • Few "smaller" birds in recent weeks, but numbers are beginning to pick up again. Probably because of moult, and also due to birds getting the best out of autumn: berries and scraps from the harvest.
  • No Redwings or Fieldfares yet...
  • An unusual record: 1 fly-over cormorant
  • 1 Kestrel
  • 1 Buzzard floating through


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