Saturday, 9 July 2016


Hello all,
Four things...
1) Thank you for visiting this blog which has reached over 3500 views. Really, the credit must go to Steve Hale, who was kind enough to put a link to my blog on Avonbirding.
2) People from 21 countries have now viewed this blog: UK, USA, Russia, France, Germany, Ukraine, Malta, Poland, Sweden, Mexico, Belarus, Canada, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Japan, Ireland, Australia, Romania, Israel and Spain.
3) Soon, I am going on an Earth and Marine Science Summer School at the NOC, and I will do a write-up of what we did when I get back.
4) I will also do a post at some point about the winner of the poll. Hopefully it isn't osprey; I've never seen one and wouldn't be able to use my own photos, as a result (although I might try Planet Chew/Blagdon at some point)!

Best Wishes

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