Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Polaroid Lenspen Review

Hello all,
Recently, I purchased a Polaroid Lenspen to use to clean my camera and optics. I am glad to report that it is excellent. Using a dry carbon compound to clean, this is a two-in-one cleaning implement that is safe for use on all lenses. Of course, cleaning FMCO Scopes is a delicate task, and one in which there is no point in buying the cheap option, but the Polaroid lenspen is an affordable item that is handy and easy to use. The cleaning compound (at the bottom of the pen, as far as this picture is concerned) should last for 500 uses, and is self-replenishing.

So how does one go about using it? First of all, you need to remove all dust or generic dirt before you start with the actual cleaning bit. For this, you use the brush end of the pen (which retracts inside the body) and lightly sweep away any materials. Sand is especially abrasive, so ensure all bits are off the lens before you start cleaning. Then, take of the cap at the end to show the cleaning nib. Work in circles from the middle outwards, and repeat the entire process if there are still smudges. Then, once you're finished, replace the cap and do one half twist of the cap to replenish the cleaning nib.

Over clean - this will just damage the multi coatings, reducing the light-gathering capabilities of your optics.

Wipe the lenses without removing dirt first - this will scratch the lens

Clean with kitchen roll - it is too abrasive and will damage the lens.

Touch the lenses - pretty obvious but a frequent mistake; the oils on your skin will damage the coatings.

Use detergent/household cleaners - it will destroy your lens!!!!!

Overall, this is a fantastic buy, and has noticeably improved the cleanliness of my binoculars, which I usually just use microfibre cloths on. This  is a must have and an essential, easy to use and highly functional piece of kit.


P.S. You may have noticed the new "Flag Counter." Because it only counts from when it was put on there, it has missed out the previous 23 countries, which includes El Salvador, Singapore and Taiwan! Thanks

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