Thursday, 14 April 2016

Bird Sightings 14/4/16

Hello all,
Where have all the birds gone? Have next door got a new cat?

As you might have guessed from my opening line, the garden was very quiet today, with only 2 Goldfinch, 3 House Sparrow and 2 Starling. This is the worst it has been for some time...
However, 1 Great tit did grace the garden as well for much of the day, often coming to the patio to feed.

Cat Facts
You probably know most of these already...

Cats in Britain kill an estimated 600 million garden birds a year (BTO), and a hundreds of millions of mammals. Cats in the USA kill over 1 billion birds per year.
So why are cats so bad? They are clever animals (I hate to admit it) and are top of the food chain. A tertiary consumer should be relatively uncommon, but there are up to 200 cats per square kilometer, where there should only be one or two per 10 square kilometers. That's too many predators. Furthermore, cats will take a bird that will breed, thus eliminating 6 birds with  "one stone" as it were.


Whoops...I take that back against a hypothetical cat: as I write, there are 2 blue tits, one great tit, one Dunnock and a blackbird in the garden...

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