Monday, 11 April 2016

Bird Sightings 11/4/16

Hello all,
The best today was a male and female Siskin on the sunflower seed feeders, the first of the year in the garden! 2 Great Tit  showed well, along with 4 Goldfinch.  A Wren came close in, along with 2 Dunnock. Three Woodpigeon were on the seed feeder for much of the day, with the quantity going down by about two inches in twenty minutes! A male Blackbird sheltered in a Yew tree, and 2 Starling  were on the suet ball feeder, fighting off the smaller birds before perforating the lawn like small sewing machines. However, 2 Blue Tit were also using the feeder, as well as two Long-Tailed tit. A Chiffchaff braved the elements, and showed well nearby, as the photo shows. Many flyover gulls were also welcome, and 8 House Sparrow were in the yew for much of the day.
All of these photos were taken through a rain-splattered window, but were "messed about with" on Windows 10 photos programme. Just my changing the contrast, cropping, and occasionally using the "Selective Focus" tool has turned these photos into respectable garden record shots.
More Tomorrow,

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