Friday, 8 April 2016

Bird round-up 8/4/16

 Hello all,
I am hoping that this daily round-up will become a regular feature, about the birds from my local patch! Anyway, here's the round-up for Friday, from the Garden...
The best was a male Blackcap (first male of the year) at about 1:10, as shown to the left. The suetball feeder had constant activity on it, mostly 4 male and 4 female House Sparrow. Two Goldfinches will hopefully remember the Sunflower heart feeder, as they landed on it as soon as I had hung it up!  Two Blue tit were intermittently on the seed feeder, and a drop- in greenfinch was  the first of April. A Chiffchaff on the lawn, albeit briefly, was excellent, as well as 3 collared dove, not often seen around here. Blackbirds, dunnock, robin and woodpigeon appeared many times, as well as one great tit. Flyovers included all the commoner gull species, corvids (except jay and raven), and a continuous stream of small passerines.
 A shortened walk around my local patch had to show for it 1 Coal Tit and 1 Long Tailed tit of note, and a singing male Chaffinch! Also, badger digging marks and a badger latrine were good finds.
More soon,

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