Sunday, 2 August 2015

Week one of holiday.

Hello all,
This is my first post on this website, but before this I have been using discover wildlife. This first post includes Hedgehogs, and the rather stylish Sandwich terns.
 At around 11pm on the 18th July, I heard somewhat of a kerfuffle outside. On closer inspection, it seemed two children, aged between 4 and 6 (with their mother) were trying to feed a Hedgehog in the gutter crisps, in a way rather reminiscent of the baby bugglefluff scene!
After they left, my sister very carefully moved the petrified hedgehog to a nearby hedgerow, and I managed to take this photo. It is not brilliant, mainly because it was taken with an iso of 12800 in the pitch dark. For the thirteen year old me, this was the hedgehog was the fourth of my life. 
 The next wildlife highlight was none other than a Sandwich Tern, taking my birds for the year to 142.
The Sandwich tern, with its distinctive cap and black bill showed up in a crowd of black headed gulls at Avon beach (Dorset), and it was a lifetime first. It flew off after a few snapshots, plunging into the sea with a large "thwack" and bobbing back up into flight.
The Sandwich tern is less common and bigger than the common tern, but if one is nearby, they are easy to spot.
Tern-wise, I saw only one other species on holiday, that being the Common Tern, the most likely to land inland.

Another highlight was a dustbin lid jellyfish, powerful enough to cause a rash but no more. There were about half a dozen on that beach.


That was just about it for week one, but week two, as you will see in the next post, was also wildlife filled.

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