Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Maltese Bird Hunt

Hello all,
As you know, the Spring Maltese bird hunt is a huge issue, and one that needs to be stopped. Malta was an oasis, a welcome stop off point for birds en-route to Britain, but has now become a bloodbath. "It is the last place I would want to be with feathers" said Chris Packham, one of the most passionate campaigners, along with Birdlife Malta.

10000 hunters apply for a spring hunt licence, and each is allowed to shoot four birds, but only Quails and Turtle Doves. However, these birds are travelling north to breed, and as any six year old could tell you, shooting birds before they breed is even worse that shooting them after. Shooting one Turtle Dove heading north to breed, is like shooting four or five. The hunt continuing is a display of total incompetence from the Maltese government.
Furthermore, both Quails and Turtle doves are of conservation concern; the former on the amber BTO/RSPB list, and the latter on the Red list. This should protect them, not make them a target.
Each and every spring, 40000 birds are shot legally over Malta, which, as I mentioned earlier, is the equivalent of shooting 160000 birds. Legally.

There is also the illegal bird trapping of any species and shooting of birds that aren't Quail or Turtle Dove. Bee-eaters, Cuckoos, Swallows, Swifts, House and Sand Martins, and various Birds of Prey are all killed. Ospreys, Kestrels and Honey buzzards are also all shot. Birds that the British public invest in, feed, care for and record, are being slaughtered thoughtlessly and cruelly by our EU partners. For the sake of a thousand votes, thousands of bird lives could have been saved by a referendum. But it continues.

Is there much hope for the Turtle Dove and Quail? Well, sooner or later, sense will hopefully prevail, and the hunt will be stopped.

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